We can source cars

We here at On Point Carsales have a vast network of contacts in the automotive industry which gives us access to a large variety of stock statewide aswell as country wide.

If there is something in particular that you are looking for let us know the particulars and there is a good chance that we might be able to find it or something close to it for you without blowing the budget.

Cash For Your Car

Trying to sell your car privately can be stressful and time consuming. Sometimes people don't show up, or even worse they show up, drive your car and you never hear from them again. On Point Carsales simply come to you and give you an evaluation on the spot based on the current market value of your vehicle.

If both parties agree with a price same day payment and pick up of your vehicle can be made.

We Sell Your Car For You

We understand that sometimes you may not want to accept a trade in value for your vehicle but you also don't have the time to be dealing with people rocking up at your door and waisting your time during a private sale process, so we also have the option of selling your vehicle through us under consignment.

What that means is we do all the work right through to the final sale and you pay us an agreed consignment fee upon completion of the sale.