Buy my car please

Fill in the details below and we will be in contact with you to confirm a suitable time for a physical inspection of your vehicle.

In the Vehicle Particulars box please make sure you include the following details so we can efficiently process your request:

  1. Buid date: EG. April 2004

  2. Compliance date: EG. june 2004

  3. Make: EG. Toyota

  4. Model: EG. Prado GXL

  5. Fuel type: EG. Diesel or Petrol

  6. Mileage: EG. 80000km

  7. Does the Vehicle have log book service history?

  8. General condition of vehicle: Eg. Minor scratch on rear bumper etc

  9. Has it ever been in an accident?

  10. Are there any engine warning lights displaying?

  11. Does the vehicle have finance owing on it?

Thanks! Message sent.